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  • 粘在一起的糕点

    工匠面包店 & 咖啡馆


    • 素食选择

    441 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • 花沙拉


    我们的餐厅是一个从农场到餐桌的厨房,供应当地采购的肉类和意大利乡村美食. 所有东西都是自制的,包括意大利面、面包、糕点和甜点.

    426 Main St, Ouray, CO 81427

  • 薯条牛排

    Brickhouse 737

    Brickhouse 737是一个专注于社区、农场新鲜食材和热情好客的聚会场所 & travel-inspired菜. They work with local farms, dairies and ranchers. 这样我们就可以为您提供既富有创意又平易近人的当代美国美食. 我们每周开放7天,从下午5点到晚上9点,供用餐和外卖. 由于座位有限,我们鼓励预订,但仍然欢迎预约.


    737 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Colorado Boy Southwest Pub

    Colorado Boy Southwest Pub

    科罗拉多男孩一直以我们出色的砖炉披萨而闻名. We use authentic high quality tomatoes, 全脂马苏里拉奶酪,尽可能使用当地新鲜的食材. 我们将面团冷发酵24小时以形成美味的面皮.

    515 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Street view of 全速酒吧


    We are known for not just our marvelous bar, but we also have great 烧烤ed Caesar, 啤酒炸鱼 & 薯片,山岳Mac & 采购产品芝士,蘑菇意大利面,汉堡,卡普里斯烤芝士,和炸鸡.


    726 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Street view of Goldbelt酒吧 & 烧烤

    Goldbelt酒吧 & 烧烤

    我们位于美丽的Ouray,坐落在圣胡安山脉的中心. 我们是一家家庭式餐厅,提供美味的汉堡、三明治、披萨、啤酒和当地啤酒. 在旁边, our customers enjoy traditional french fries, 红薯薯条, beer-battered onion rings, as well as buffalo wings and a number of salads. 我们每天用自制的面团和酱汁做很棒的披萨. 我们也提供无麸质披萨,所有的浇头都是一样的. 在夏季的几个月里,您可以在我们广阔的户外露台上享受您的用餐,并欣赏环绕我们城镇的山脉的壮观景色.


    *素食者 and Vegan options

    800 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • 三明治 called the meaty mammoth


    Kami’s Samis offers a unique take on breakfast and lunch. 我们使用当地供应的肉类和蔬菜,并按季节轮换菜单. We specialize in accommodating dietary restrictions, 比如无谷蛋白, 无乳糖, 素食主义者和素食主义者. Now serving specialty Bloody Mary’s, mimosas and coffee drinks.

    636 Main Street | Ouray, CO 81427


    *素食者 and Vegan options

  • 9 trays with burgers and sides


    Our restaurant has a great patio area for a place to eat. With views of Main Street and the San Juan Mountains. We have a great selection for burgers, salads, and sandwiches. 现在开始供应晚餐.

    Open Mon, Wed - Sat from 11am - 8pm & Sun 8am - 4pm; Closed Tuesdays


    *Handmade Veggie Burger

    703 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427

  • 墨西哥菜


    善待自己, 你的家人, 和你的朋友们一起享受米墨西哥餐厅独一无二的美食体验. When you visit our family-owned and -operated business, 你可以肯定你只会得到最好的体验.

    *素食者 and Vegan options

    118 7th Ave | Ouray, CO 81432


  • Cheese sticks with burgers

    矿区的餐厅 & 提基酒吧

    最好的方式来补充发现丰富的魔法和美丽的历史的经验, Colorado is with a great plate of food! Mineshaft is located at the welcoming Twin Peaks Lodge & 温泉. We offer our esteemed guests a delectable selection of appetizers, 主菜, and delicious desserts you and 你的家人 are sure to love.



    *Delivers within City Limits

    125 3rd Ave | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Cup of coffee and spilled coffee beans

    Mojo’s Coffee Chai & 茶

    In true coffee shop fashion, we welcome all. 我们的咖啡很棒,因为烘焙它的人很棒. They source ethically, and so do we. We are environmentally conscious. Our employees are precious to us, and we put them first. 艺术, music, playing outside, and connection make us whole. 我们通过行动、教育、对话、艺术,当然还有咖啡,来关爱Ouray.


    325 6th Ave | Ouray, CO 81427


  • A bunch of different pieces of chocolate

    Mouse's Chocolates and Coffee

    我们是一个巧克力和咖啡烘焙师的小家庭,住在科罗拉多州西南角圣胡安山脉的一个小镇上. 我们只使用最好的比利时巧克力,一切都是手工制作. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood. 我们很乐意听到关于我们的巧克力如何成为你生活的一部分的故事. It brings us together in our love for chocolate, fine ingredients and sharing them with our family and friends.


    *素食者 and Vegan options

    520 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • View from top story of ouray brewery on cloudy day


    人们从世界各地来到科罗拉多,体验它的伟大之处. Whether it's ice climbing, world-class Jeeping or hiking in the San Juan Mountains, Ouray Colorado is a true mountain gem. 在欧瑞啤酒厂, we're happy to be a small part of each visitor's experience, 提供美味的啤酒, 我们餐厅的美食和屋顶景色无与伦比.


    *素食者 and Vegan options

    607 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Interior of Ouray冰窖


    Ouray Ice house每天早上6点开放,位于科罗拉多州Ouray的主要街道和第7大道附近

    Coffee, Espresso, Lattes, Mochas

    Crepes , Mini Doughnuts , Muffins Bagels Ice Cream

    抓住N - Go物品打包与您在您的徒步旅行,攀登或吉普车冒险

    Fiber Internet connection , (3) 65 inch TVs, Foosball, Restroom

    Beer, 酒 in house or To go

    Murals and artwork of Ouray and Telluride throughout shop


    Nice shop to relax and hangout if need be

    225 7th Ave | Ouray, CO 81427

  • Food on plate and a candle


    味道 is a unique take on dinner items. 我们使用当地供应的肉类和蔬菜,并按季节轮换菜单. We specialize in accommodating dietary restrictions, 比如无谷蛋白, 无乳糖, 素食主义者和素食主义者.

    636 Main Street | Ouray, CO 81427


    *素食者 and vegan optons

  • 几碗泰国汤




    *素食者 and Vegan options

    740 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Street view of 饮水杯



    734 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427

  • 亡命之徒的内部


    Today the Outlaw Restaurant is still available to the citizens and visitors of Ouray; and the Outlaw Restaurant still has the same sign hung in 1969. We have options such as Caesar Salad, '撕开, 肋眼牛排, Outlaw Baby 回来 Pork Ribs, 炸鸡排, 鳟鱼圣胡安, Spaghetti and Meatballs, 鸡D' Angelo, 还有奶酪馄饨.



    610 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Interior of the Saloon at The Western Hotel

    The Saloon at The Western Hotel

    签名, 沙龙在西方让客人体验传统和创造性的饭菜. 菜单向在西部定居的拓荒者的农业实践和沿着西坡的乌特部落的传统致敬. 酒廊以其原始的酒吧向禁酒令致敬, featuring old-world wines and classic cocktails.

  • 熏制室 exterior patio


    With a fresh menu and an evolved business model, 我们很高兴为我们的客人和当地社区提供一个独特的用餐体验,真正体现了我们美丽的山区环境的本质.

    熏制室 has quickly become a cornerstone of our property, 在那里,我们努力完善制作令人难以置信的烟熏肉的艺术,并提供美味的自助早餐. 我们创新的菜单选项也会像以前一样撩拨您的味蕾.


    *Offers Catering Services

    1700 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Street view of the Yankee Girl 咖啡馆

    The Yankee Girl Restaurant and Bar

    Service a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Great views of the San Juans right from our deck seating too!







  • 三明治


    We are open for the morning and afternoon. We make donuts fresh daily and are open for breakfast. Our lunch options include Salads, 包装, 三明治:俱乐部, 鲁本, 烤鸡, 素食者, 和汉堡.



    803 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427



  • kj木材蒸馏厂


    约翰位于科罗拉多州的欧雷,他的精湛工艺精神建立在伟大的水的基石上. Utilizing the Rocky Mountain glacial waters of the high country, blended with the finest of local barley and blue corn for the whiskey and the rarest European juniper berries paired with spices from the Silk Road; a line up of the most refined, 优雅而成熟的烈酒将很快提供给挑剔的消费者.


    929 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • Mr. 不爽裤啤酒厂

    Mr. 不爽裤啤酒厂

    的先生. 不爽裤酿酒公司. ltd welcomes you to Ourayle House...啤酒的另一面.


    703 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427

  • Ouray葡萄酒园


    来品酒吧 & 在360度山景环绕的美丽花园中享用晚餐.

    来享受科罗拉多的味道,以当地的葡萄酒和特色熟食板在一个美丽的花园被令人惊叹的360度山景包围. 我们的红葡萄酒在三个不同的地区节日上赢得了“最佳科罗拉多葡萄酒”.

    317 2nd St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • 银鹰沙龙


    轻松的环境! Live music, open mic nights, karaoke. 冰啤酒!!!

    617 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • 萨特谱


    萨特谱自豪地展示了我们大峡谷气候的多功能性, with volcanic influence and "million dollar breeze", through our cool and warm climate varietals. 被授予2021年和2022年科罗拉多州酒庄,我们努力定义科罗拉多葡萄酒. Come join us for a tasting of our hand harvested, 100% estate fruit and experience wine country in Ouray!

    480 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427

  • 灰色酒馆



    929 Main Street, Suite B | Ouray, CO 81427


  • 伊莫金酒店 & 屋顶酒吧

    伊莫金酒店 & 屋顶酒吧

    享受壮丽的景色,从我们的屋顶酒吧与手工制作的鸡尾酒和各种汤. Find us a bar with a better view and your drink is on us!

    740 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427


  • The Saloon at The Western Hotel

    The Saloon at The Western Hotel

    Coffee service is available at 8 a.m. daily, full bar service hours are from 12 to 10 p.m. and the kitchen is open 12 p.m. 到晚上9点.m. 星期一至星期日.